Technical Consultation

MIT has an experienced and certified personal who can provide state of the art solution to all inspection related problems and issues. We in MIT have the capabilities to provide the consultation by phone, email or visit in any of the following fields

Non-Destructive testing

  • NDT Level (III) services
  • Procedure Writing
  • Written Practice Developing
  • Review of Written Practice


  • Welding Inspection
  • Welding procedure review
  • Welding procedure establishing
  • Procedure Qualification Record review
  • Welders & Welding Operators Qualification Developing
  • Welders & Welding Operators Qualification Review
  • Dissimilar Metals Issue solving
  • Material Weldability Issue Solving

Plant Inspection

Inspection Procedures Developing for:

  • Pressure vessel
  • Storage Tanks
  • Piping
  • Civil & Concrete
  • Refractory & Insulation
  • Welding Inspection
  • Any other inspection Procedure & guideliness

Lifting Equipment

  • Inspection Procedure developing
  • Inspection Procedure review
  • Inspection Guidelines
  • Lifting Procedure Developing
  • Lifting Procedure Review
  • Inspection & Testing Procedure Developing
  • Inspection & Testing Procedure Review
  • Lifting Equipment Inspection Issue Solving

Failure Analysis

  • Procedure Developing
  • Analysis Issue Solving

Fitness for Service

  • FFS Service
  • Procedure Developing
  • Review Support
  • Issue Solving


  • Audit Reviews
  • Audit Plan Developing
  • Audit Personal Support
  • Audit Issue Solving

Risk Basis Inspection (RBI)

  • Procedure Developing
  • Issue related to RBI solving

Damage Mechanisms

MIT experts can perform Damage Mechanisms reviews and study for all plants. This will support the RBI and Mechanical Integrity Programs. The damage Mechanism study review will guide the companies to focus more on the potential areas of damage and give priority of inspection to the right point.